Ricardo Lumengo

Ricardo Lumengo

Who is Ricardo Lumengo?

Who is Ricardo Lumengo? This is a question a lot of people are asking themselves today. They see this man doing many wonderful things for the betterment of his fellow citizens today. These folks want to know more about him, and we will give them what they want.

Ricardo Lumengo is a hard-working man and many other things. We will go deeper into the character of this man so you can get the inspiration you want in your life. This man has been truly doing amazing things, but he has also been working hard to make things happen in his lifetime too.

Intelligent Man

Ricardo Lumengo is a working and very intelligent person. He was born in Angola to become a member of the Swiss parliament. Yes, he did this because he is truly hardworking and wanted to serve his country better down the road.

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Ricardo Lumengo is an example of someone who is willing to take risks and work hard for his dreams. He studied law and became of member of the Biel municipal council. This man truly knows what it takes to get where he wanted to go. He speaks a lot of languages such as Spanish and German.


Ricardo Lumengo is a politician in every sense of the world. He wants to serve his country from the political sphere and he has been very successful at it. Through hard work and patience, Ricardo Lumengo has been getting what he wanted in life, and that is truly an inspiration for a lot of folks out there.
Ricardo Lumengo has a successful career as a lawyer because he loves the law. He worked in a center of intercultural encounter in Switzerland and he was very good at it. He was also elected to the important SNC in 2007 after a federal election took place, and that is truly awesome for anyone out there.

Former Asylum Seeker

Ricardo Lumengo is a former asylum seeker who became a true politician. He was the first asylum seeker to be elected into the SNC, and that is awesome. Ricardo Lumengo is also the first national councilor with an African background too.

Ricardo Lumengo has been fighting against unemployment for many years, and he has been serious about it down the line too. His struggle in the field of social justice is just outstanding, and this former asylum seeker deserves every bit of success that he enjoys these days too.

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Ricardo Lumengo is one of these men who truly do something good for the betterment of the world. They work hard and get things done because they know what they are doing. We have told you a lot of things about this man, but he has many other things to teach us.

Ricardo Lumengo is now a politician but he has also a former asylum seeker. Yes, this man was an asylum seeker and you can see for yourself what he did. You can get the inspiration you want from Ricardo Lumengo because he did not have a lot of advantage early in his life.