How Long To Travel Vietnam?

Cầu Long Biên, Hanoi, Vietnam

Heavenly holidays in Vietnam

Vietnam is an extraordinary place where you can let yourself slow down for a while, forget about the busy city life and focus on what matters the most. This inspiring country has so much to offer that you don’t need to worry about boredom when you are here.

There’s always something new to explore. No matter how long your travel to Vietnam will last, there will always be something that you couldn’t experience.


Vietnam has rapidly become a popular holiday destination. It is a beautiful country full of exotic locations, vibrant and tasty cuisine, and other attractions. The western part of Vietnam, particularly in the northern part of the country, is full of long sweeping mountain roads that offer travelers many opportunities to get out and about.

Vietnam is known for its excellent cultural heritage, modern technology, and clean and modernized infrastructure. Travel agencies offer a large selection of Vietnam tours to include tours of the temples, Buddhist monasteries, and the Vietnam Museum, as well as trips to the Mekong Delta and the Can Tho Hills.

Capital city Hanoi

If you’re planning to visit Vietnam, you probably won’t miss its capital city Hanoi. One thing that you must know is that the city is one of the most famous destinations in Vietnam so it can be a little bit crowded during the rush hours.

To avoid it, it is better to visit the most popular attractions in the morning. Many tourists coming from all over the world want to explore this magical city and get soaked in the exotic spiritual culture.

The city of Hanoi is a widespread city that offers you lots of options of which you can select from.

VCCA Vincom Center for Contemporary Art

You can easily plan your trip to Hanoi by visiting the city from any part of the country. Hanoi is located near the river, which is Mekong.

The city is known for its spice, which is also called “Ket” as well as for the coffee and the tea. The city is also famous for its scenic views and landscapes. Another key thing you need to see during your trip to Hanoi is the temples. of the city is the “Perfume Pagoda” temple was build approximately 15th century.

This Buddhist temple complex was built into the Huong Tich mountains. It’s a unique and spiritual place. Another great historical treasure is “Temple of Literature” which is also located in the city.

How to book cheap plane tickets

Many people love to travel to Vietnam. But, the great thing about this country is that you can still visit it without any hassle. You can easily get airline tickets to this country by using the internet.

It is an excellent idea to search for a cheap and affordable air ticket if you want to save some money and spend them on some more memorable and meaningful, like souvenirs or local exotic cuisine.

To get these cheap tickets, you need to keep in mind a few things. First, you should search for as many sites which offer the tickets for your desired destination. You should make a list of the sites that offer the tickets for your desired destination.

holds plane tickets and passport

Then, after you have done that, you can easily compare the rates of all the sites to get the best one. For this, you can check out the price list on the site. You will find that many websites are offering cheap tickets to Vietnam. Some of the websites offer discounted fares on the same flight for their clients.

But, remember that you can only avail of cheap tickets if you plan to fly on the same date and time as the selected airline. You must also confirm with the airlines of your chosen destination if they accept the travelers’ visa of Vietnam.

This is a very important step for getting a cheap ticket to Vietnam. After you complete your preparations, you can easily go to your desired destination without facing any problem.

How to obtain e-visa?

Since 2017 it is possible to travel to Vietnam using a simplified process of tourist verification. This new electronic authorization makes obtaining necessary travel documents much easier.

To enter Vietnam all you need to have is e-visa and valid passport. The whole application process is done online, so you can submit it from anywhere in the world. After filling out an application form and paying a fee all you have to do to sit patiently and wait for an email with your e-visa.

Passport, boarding pass,

It takes up to 5 business days to receive the document. This type of visa allows you to cross Vietnam’s borders only once and your visit cannot exceed 30 days. It’s perfect for the holidays, a family meeting, or business conferences.

The application form consists of simple questions related to your trip and basic pieces of information from your passport. It is a quick and comfortable way of obtaining a visa because you can skip waiting in long lines and you receive your e-visa much quicker than before.