Where To Travel In May In India?

Harmandir Sahib, Attari, Punjab, India

Spring break in India

Did you know that the best time to travel to India is during the spring? Spring breaks and vacations are on their way, and you can combine both to enjoy Indian food and architecture. For those who have traveled to India before, you will see how beautiful it truly is.

Spring break from school or work for students means summer is just around the corner and why not get a little creative and take a trip to India. In may, travel to India may be just what you need to recharge the batteries of those who are in the middle of the ending of a final semester at school or university.

Take a trip to see the Taj Mahal, for instance. While you are touring all of the other incredible architectonical miracles in India, visit the magnificent Taj Mahal in Agra. The Taj Mahal was built by Emperor Shah Jahan and was completed in 1556. Since then, it has become a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

taj mahal

This mindblowing building is a marble mausoleum which is one of the most popular buildings in the world and everyone should visit it at least once in their lives. It’s also the most photographed monument in India and it’s truly worth the hype.

In May springtime, it’s also the perfect time to take your family and friends on a trip down south.

Bring your family along on a trip to Agra, where you can watch the celebrations of New Year in the old city. You will have the time of your life watching the colorful lights dance as the sky turns red.

Your family will love watching the street vendors sell out every gift item imaginable for New Year. Children will love the market place and the fun that children have.

You can also choose to take a trip down south to explore the history and culture of South India. Take your camera along and snap pictures of the mesmerizing beaches, famous temples, and other tourist sites you will come across while traveling through the country.

Experience exotic cuisine of India

It would be a shame to miss the opportunity to try amazing Indian cuisine which is popular all over the world. Indian cuisine offers a variety of flavors that will delight even the most discerning taste buds. Go for delicious ‘Sindhu’ chutneys, delicacies that are always a hit.

You can also try traditional Indian foods such as Bhatura, buttered rice dumplings, fish curry, and many more. It’s a good idea to eat in all the different restaurants to sample all the delicious varieties offered by India. Don’t miss a chance to try the authentic Indian curry which is one of the most recognizable Indian dishes.

Indian dishes

When choosing which tour to India to take, remember that your budget is your biggest decision. From luxury, to budget tours, or even backpacking tours, there are many ways to travel to India without breaking the bank.

Whatever your choice, India will be a great experience no matter where you decide to go. The holiday spots have been carefully chosen to give you a vacation of a lifetime.

Basic information about e-Visa to India

e-Visa is a document that allows its holder to cross the borders and travel across India. To apply for this travel e-visa, all you’ve got to do is complete the application form online and complete the payment by using a suitable payment method.

When all of the necessary procedures are dealt with, a confirmation email should appear in your mailbox. The process is really simple so everyone can finish it all by themself in their home. All you need to have is an internet connection, a passport which is valid and a photo.


Most preferable is the passport type of photo. When you need an e-visa for travel purposes, you should apply for a tourist type of visa. Bear in mind that it remains valid for a year since the date of approval.

Tourist e-Visa allows you to visit the country multiple times, but it’s obligatory to remember that you can stay in the country for up to 90 days. It is an excellent solution if you want to obtain an e-visa quick and hassle-free.